Monday, April 14, 2014

Last Blog For A While

We left Tahiti around breakfast time.  The flight to Los Angles was eight hours long and we enjoyed it much more than a night flight.  We had lunch and breakfast on the plane and both were surprisingly good.  In Los Angles we rented a car and immediately drove two hours north to Santa Barbra.  We were staying four extra days there for my dad's friend's wedding.  Everyday we did schoolwork and hung out around the house that we rented.  The second day Dad drove Kylie and I to a fast food restaurant which we have not had in three months.  On Thursday Mom, Dad and Kylie went to a barbecue while I stayed home.  On Friday around 3:00 we drove to a local hotel where a party bus picked us (and about fifty other people) up and drove us to the wedding.

The bus was an old school bus with its seats moved around.  There were also colored lights and a dj seat where you can plug your iphone in and play your favorite songs.  Shortly after we arrived at the wedding they did the ceremony.  Then everyone had dinner and made toasts. Then almost everyone got on the dance floor and danced for the rest of the night.  At one point they brought out sparklers.  It was a very bad idea because two people got burnt.  Kylie's friend and Dad's business partner.  They turned out all right though.  We left at ten thirty but the dancing was still going strong.  The next morning we packed up early and drove back to LA.  Then we took the one o'clock flight to Dallas.  My Aunt Judy picked us up and took us home.

This was our last out of the country traveling trip (while I am home schooled) but was also our best!  My favorite place we traveled to was Moorea.  My favorite activity that we did was snorkeling with sting rays.  This summer we are taking a small RV trip up to our house in Jackson.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We Had One On! March 28

Yesterday Dad and I woke up early again to go fishing! This time we were going fishing with our last fishing friend's uncle. He had been fishing for fifty years! He usually goes fishing by himself. We were with him for six hours and only had one marlin on for about thirty seconds. I was covered in salt by the time we got home and a warm shower fixed me up. After dusk I went down into the water and caught several fish for the cat. The fish were about six to twelve inches and were hard to catch. They jump high up out of the water to get away from predators.

This morning we did a lot of schoolwork. For dinner we went to a new restaurant, and for dessert we went to another restaurant where we could see down into the water. Tomorrow is our last day in Moorea. We are going to fly to Raiatea where we are going to spend one night in a overwater bungalow. Then we are going to rent a catamaran sailboat for four nights. Luckily dad is not going to be in charge of the boat and we will have a private captain. Then we will fly back to America and stay for several days in California for my parents' friend's wedding.

We Failed At Sailing

Exactly one week ago we rented a sailboat with a captain. The sailboat was a catamaran and was the same length as our RV, 41 ft. Like I said we had a captain who is French and could speak English fluently. We left port at lunch time and motored over to one of the mottos. Mom got seasick so Dad decided to rent a hotel room for her to sleep in. We had to sail to the other side of the island where the hotel was. We still had the boat for four nights, but we decided to all sleep in the hotel and use the boat only during the day. We spent two days in Raitea and two days in Bora-Bora. Over all, we stayed mainly on land and did not use the sailboat. I bet the captain liked us though!

On our last two days in Moorea we meet up with a family of six kids, their parents, and their grandparents. I became good friends with the two boys in the family, Jasik and Colton. Jasik is eight and Colton is twelve. We happened to meet up with the Budges, which is their last name, in Bora-Bora at the Hotel dad had rented. We stayed there two nights and we mostly just stayed around the hotel the whole time. We did go to the Tiki show with the Budges but it was not as good as the first one we saw. We went swimming at the pool lot! When we left the hotel we coincidentally meet them again at our next hotel in Papatee.

We stayed in Papatee three nights at the Intercontinental.  The Intercontinental is so big that whenever you order room service they drive it to you in a truck.  They have a huge pool with a waterfall and a beach pool.  There is also an enclosed saltwater pond right next to the ocean that has saltwater flowing through it.  There are a bunch of different kinds of fish that are kept in it for snorkelers.  The Budges only stayed there for one night but at least we got to say goodbye.  While we were there we went swimming four times, once even at night.

We left Tahiti with hopes of being able to return someday.  The plane ride was only eight hours this time and they served breakfast and lunch.  It was probably the best airplane food we have ever eaten and my parents both agreed.  We stayed one night in LA then drove the next day to Santa Barbara.  We are going to my Dad's business partner's son's wedding on Saturday.  On Sunday we get home at six p.m.!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lagoon Aquarium

Two days ago we did schoolwork until lunch time. Then we took our boat for the last time to Coco Beach. We brought our snorkel gear and some bread. When we got in the water the fish surrounded us and went crazy for the bread. Some of them even ate out of our hands. The trigger fish were one of the types of fish that were brave enough to eat out of our hands. Trigger fish usually eat coral so they have to have sharp teeth. They hurt us each time they took a bite!

Yesterday we did a full day of schoolwork and Mom and Dad took Kylie shopping. This morning we did a little bit of schoolwork before we went back to the Lagoonarium. At Lagoonarium we had lunch. We had brought squid and bread to feed the fish and sting rays. The fish swarmed the bread close enough for us to touch them. The sting rays climbed on top of each other just to reach the squid and if we were not careful they would accidentally bite us. Kylie got bit several times and got a little scared of them. We arranged another fishing trip for tomorrow with another local. Hopefully this time we will actually catch something.